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a similar ban in place. >> volunteers armed with flashlights are taking to trails in concord to help people trying to find their way. the lights are out near the north concord bart station because of copper thieves are no thanks to them. we shed some light on what is being done. >> the sun goes down. it is pitch black on this trail parallelling the highway. lights along the trail headed south of the north concord bart station have been out for months after copper thieves access the inground boxes and ripped out the wiring. >> i have have to come home after 6:30 at night and now i carry a pocket knife because from here to the center where there is a break going into the neighborhood all lights are out. >> 4:30 in the morning riding a bicycle, if i hit someone we are going to the hospital. it would be nice if the lights were working. >> thieves struck along this stretch of willow pass road blacking out ten streetlights. in the last few years concord has spent $1 million replacing all of this stolen copper wiring. the solution? inground boxes encased in cement and rebar with a cover requiring
talked about the lack of clouded? a lost 30's out there from napa and santa rosa and mid-30's to concord and police officer lore -- and livermore and los gatos at 37. around the monterey bay, upper 30's to mid-40's. brighter today and close to average temperatures. cooler with showers tomorrow and friday and we will rebound with sunny conditions and warmer weather this weekend. today we will stretch from 55 at half moon bay, a cool spot and san francisco and richmond at 356 to antioch and fairfield at 60. we will be 59 in oakland and san jose. 56 in monterey and everyone else in the bay and inland is flirting with 60 degrees. tonight, clouds will roll in, keep the temperatures up, in the upper 30's to mid-40's, and notice the rain is still up to the north during the morning hours at least the early morning. here is what happened year, the cold front came through, the clouds cleared and we are dealing with cooler weather and the next system coming in and it will bring that chance of rain. so we will map it out. 24 hours from now or close you can see the showers, still, in the north bay bu
and double digits in concord and livermore and 11 to 12 degrees cooler in hayward and eight in santa rosa. most of us in the 30's to near 40 degrees this morning. by this afternoon hours we will have mostly sunny conditions and five to eight degrees warmer than yesterday. mid-50's along the coast, and upper 50's to low 60's for most of us during the afternoon hours around the bay and inland. as we move failure, we will jump a little bit each day, mostly sunny thursday, partly cloudy friday and a slight chance of a shower on saturday and an insider slider heads to the sierra and nevada more than it will the bay area. we will keep an eye on it. and an eye on traffic. sue? >> we go back to los altos hills with an accident southbound 280, blocking the left lane, and emergency crews and tow truck getting to the scene and a new accident 580 at the altamont pass road exit a car hit the embankment. we will check on that in the next couple of minutes. elsewhere we have no mass transit delays but as amy was telling us this is a water main break in the northeast area so the cable car will be a bus s
at 46. and concord is 45 and livermore is 39 and san jose is 33. and oakland is at 50 degrees. through the day we will have clouds in the morning, and temperatures hang out in the low to mainly upper 40's but for the north bay valley where you saw the 30's with a cooler breeze today, the sea breeze will be stronger and the cooling trend will continue today only low-to-mid 50's at noon, same thing at 4:00, with pockets of sunshine and we will have a dry evening with temperatures in the upper 40's to low 50's. tomorrow, have the wet weather gear handy because we. -- we will have wet weather. temperatures in the upper 40's to mid 50's tomorrow and wednesday and light showers possible on thursday. >> now, live from berkeley and to the macarthur maze there are a few headlights but it is relatively light with no major delays. walnut creek a few tail lights headed to the turn at north main, very light conditions this morning and we hope that will be the case the morning, and the holiday bart that is on a saturday schedule and muni is saturday and caltrain is modified holiday service. kristen
four bypass moving out of antioch to pittsburg at ten minutes into concord. >> it was almost as big a hit as the game beyonce brought her fans to the speech with a spectacular super bowl half time show and the record she set. >> an amazing video from england at buckingham palace. >> but, first, the tech bytes this morning. >> searching during the super bowl. the top search on google during the game was for a live stream of the game. on bing it was the super bowl then the blackout. apple is now the top smartphone seller in the united states if the first time thanks to the launch of iphone 5, with 39 percent of the market, and sam sing had 30 percent. now, the fastest growing mobile game has 50 million downloads in less than two weeks and it deserves i. >> a game of this quality is free, when you download it there are so many challenges, it keeps you coming back. esap >> san ramon, san mateo and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> it is 4:42. now, the embarcardero and the bay bridge and the bay lights are tested again. it is a pretty only but there are clouds with a change for a coole
and concord, it is moving nicely westbound on highway 4. road work out there south 280 before highway one in daly city, two left lips -- lanes are blocked and westbound 80 partly blocked until 5:00 county so, for another ten minutes. >> christian? >> 4:48. ongoing problems with boeing 787 dreamliner is forcing cancellation of all future flights including those at san jose's airport. the canceled flights include trips from san jose to tokyo with the risk of battery fires grounding the fleet in mid-january after just five days and the inaugural flight is right here. world-wide, ana has scrubbed 3,600 boeing 787 dreamliner that would have carried 16,000 passengers. >> a speeding s.u.v. made a crash landing going airborne and crashed upside down lodging into the roof of this home in houston yesterday. police said the driver was trafficking at 90 miles per hour and he lost control and drove up an embankment going airborne and crashed into a house and flipped land on top of that house next door. no one was inside either home was hurt and a driver walked away with barely a scratch. >> heads up i
and san jose for a warmer spot, and 64 in san francisco and 63 in concord. to the monterey bay, temperatures are running warmer in the upper 60's to mid-70's around salinas. now, as far as tonight's temperatures, you can see we will be mainly in the 30's and 40's again. watch out for you are headed to our beaches, tomorrow morning, or late this evening, through sunday morning, this is a chance of sneaker waves out there, so be careful once again. you see temperatures drop a little tomorrow and rebound on sunday, and we hang in the low-to-mid 60's for the better part of next week before the cooling trend and a chance of wind wednesday and thursday. >> happy friday, everyone, so far just overnight road work out there. looking at 80, the east shore freeway westbound, various lanes between central and powell street until 5:00 this morning so be aware of that and traffic is flowing nicely in the macarthur maze. in san jose, light conditions and the headlights headed north on 87 beyond the h.p. pavilion and road work still in lanes north we we from the bottom of the waldo through mil
. yoplait. it is so good! >> cupertino, concord, wine country and the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, everyone. 4:41. live doppler 7 hd showing you where the storms are coming into the bay area right now. the colors will be interpreted by mike just ahead. >> this morning, investigators are warning of a door-to-door scam in san mateo county. a group people has been going around trying to sell magazine descriptions to benefit the reason amend mcdonald house. they are well dressed and plight but not affiliated with the organization. the reason amend mcdonald house only used speciality event and fundraisers to finance expenses. >> a search of a shipping container at the port of oakland turned up thousands of rounds of ammunition. customs and border agents seized 2,300 rounds hidden in air filters in three cars from mongolia. it happened last month but authorities are only now revealing it. the ammunition and vehicles are worth $45,000. the vehicles belong to a bay area resident. authorities not releasing his name because no criminal charges have been filed. >> safety in san jose
, three degrees warmer in fremont and san jose, and a degree in concord and oakland, and same in santa rosa and san francisco could be the same, maybe a degree cooler. that puts us in the low-to-mid 60 but long the coast in the san francisco area where we will have mid-to-upper 50's. 57 in monterey. low-to-mid 60's for the rest of the bay and inland. tonight, we have mid-to-upper 30's i land and mid-to-upper 30's around the bay and closer to san francisco, oakland and san mateo, we will have low-to-mid 40s. by the time the warmth is here 56 valentine's day we could be near 70 and warmer-than-average saturday and sunday this weekend^. >> now, back to hayward, the only democratic on the roadways, northbound 880 at 92, two right lanes remain blocked. it is early enough i do not see significant slow downs with c.h.p. on the scene getting a tow truck to get the cars out of the way. otherwise, the drive out of the e-bay -- east bay, antioch, looks great. and same from the central valley with no delays and good and over the altamont pass for this time of the morning, and, now, a look at san m
trend. concord and santa rosa in the mid-to-upper 60's and san francisco about a degree warmer. in the south bay, 63 to 65 degrees is the range with san jose in the middle at 63. 62 at millbrae and 64 at half moon bay, the cooler spots, and 62 at ocean beach. and downtown san francisco at 64 this afternoon. east bay sure, oakland is the warm spot at 68. fremont is a cool spot at 65. 62 at pittsburg and 65 in dublin and 359 in carmel and low-to-mid 60's for the rest of the bay and headed inland. tonight, low 40's in oakland and 43 in san francisco. how long will the a warm weather hang around? thursday and friday away from the coast we will be pushing 70 and saturday and sunday and the holiday on monday temperatures are cooler, but, still, very mild, and in the 60's. >> back to daly city, now, an accident southbound 280 blocking the left lane of traffic and no major slowing beyond the scene. this accident southbound 880 at whip el has been cleared with partly blocking the ramp now and it is gone and not a problem. we have a new problem, northbound 17 before lexington, an overtur
temperature change, concord is up three degrees and fremont, too, oakland 71, again, and san jose around 68 to 72, a degree of yesterday. if you are headed to the sierra if the holiday weekend, no new snow has fallen. we are still 75 percent of where we should be. that is better than last year. but, still, not good enough. now, a look at what is going on. all is quiet on radar. we are going to hit 52 in tahoe and 62 in yosemite and 70 at big sur with 70's throughout the central valley and check out southern california headed down there, low 80's today. safe travels. >> it feels like spring. hope you had a nice valentine's day and san rafael, the tail lights just beyond the sick center on the left hand side of the road it is light out there this morning with no fog which is good news. in san jose, the headlights headed north 87, beyond h.p. pavilion, few cars and light conditions and fog-free. westbound 580 from the altamont pass to dublin/pleasanton, less than 20 minutes. hillcrest to 242 westbound, that is less than 20 minutes. the c bridge to the macarthur maze on the east shore freeway,
for temperatures running right now at 43 in los gatos and 44 in fremont and 43 in concord and antioch and livermore and 50 in oakland and as we head into the afternoon hours, notice the temperatures do not change much, we are mainly in the upper 40's to low 50's with more showers on the way and .25 to .5" is possible today. >> we are getting first reports in castro valley of an accident in the median, eastbound 580 with no significant slowing and it is the reverse commute so we will keep our eye on this with first report of the accident in the castro valley area eastbound 580. if you are headed out of antioch, looking good moving toward pittsburg and highway 242 at 15 minutes and the drive from the central valley is at the limit with no delays here. kristen and eric? >> thank you. it could be the biggest heists of its kind while you were sleeping the daring $50 million caper pulled off by a team of bull bandits. >> gymnasts and skiers do it and now an attempt of a back flip in a car. did he hit the landing? first the tech bytes this morning. >> in today's tech bytes pointing the finger at china, a
and mountain view and concord and novato and santa rosa. as we head into the afternoon it will be a few more clouds than yesterday but temperatures are mild around 60 for the bay and low 60's inland and mid-50 and breezy conditions at the coast. sue? >> good morning, everyone, we have a live shot of the golden gate bridge with crews headed in the northbound direction to pick up the cones and open up the lanes for your morning commute with four southbound lanes. we have road work at the northern portion of the span to be picked up in
was more conserved from concord. >> we have no comment. our family is working our butts off. ought mother issued a written statement saying until we have proof we cannot celebrate the rumors. proof of life is my son's voice on the phone and a picture of him holding the missing poster. the state department is working to confirm the couple has been spotted. peru officials plan to reach the pair by plane and bring a satellite phone so they can call their family members in california. >> the search is over this morning for a boat that reportedly sank off the monterey coast with a family on board. crews searched 20,000 square files over two days and found no sign of the vessel, the family or the boat. the coast guard got a call on sunday but officials are not calling it a hoax but are pursuing all possibilities. >> san jose, the bay area's biggest city has taken a step forward to banning sty -- styrofoam containers. the california restaurant association says it will harm small business more than it hurts the environment. >> two people in sonoma are claiming that a bush is watering down the boo
will check traffic for you and weather coming up in a couple of minutes. >> more news, a family in concord is relieved and grateful after finally speaking to the son they believe was missing in peru. yesterday, the family of garrett hand thanked the embassy in lima. officials in peru and the media, as well, for helping locate garrett and his girlfriend jamie neal. they were found safe in a remote area near ecuador. >> social networks make it easy to connect with people around the world, now it is used to fight crime among people who barely know each other like distant neighbors. silicon valley is right at the forefront of this effort. >> neighbors moved to oakland years ago and they never dreamed they would be considering surveillance cameras. >> we are frustrated by the reduction in the police force that has happened and that is contributing to crime. >> after one violent robbery, neighbors organized, using a new social network called "next door." you can post anything, something you lost, but neighbors say one of the best uses is crime prevention. police departments are taking note. bell
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15